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Charitable Donations

As you know, here at Headley and Crawford Salon & Spa, our mission is to improve the lives of our clients in every way possible.

We also focus on giving back to our local community as well, and by doing so we hold fundraisers and collect donations each month for a different charitable cause that will help those within our communities. Below this information is the current list of upcoming months and what charity we will be donating for that month. We will give to these charities by donating a percentage of all retail sales AND/OR will be collecting donations.

December 2017 - The Project of Des Moines

January 2018 - Iowa Safe Schools

February 2018 - Parkinson's Disease

You also can donate online! Just click here!

Please note that if you donate online your donation will go to the current months charity, unless stated otherwise.

If you know or would like to have us support your cause please contact Ryan Crawford at the Salon!

515.954.5010 or massagetherapist1988@gmail.com