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Our Point of Difference/ Service Descriptions

     We at Headley & Crawford Hair, Skin, & Massage Clinic not only strive to give you the best quality in service but to make sure that our services are also the most sanitary and state law approved. Why is this being mentioned you ask?

     All of our hair care services use the L'ANZA Healing Haircare products, which inturn heal the hair from the inner cortex of the hair out. L'ANZA uses nano technology, making the molecules of the ingredients small enough to penetrate the hair into the cortex without disturbing the cortex or the cuticle. The prodcuts contain the Keratin Healing System which uses all 19 amino acids that your hair is composed of and is able to replenish anything that your hair is missing. You receive UVA,UVB, and UVC protection from every single product as well as the Keratin Healing System as well as the Flower Shield Complex is found in our color line as well as our Color Care Products. What is Flower Shield Complex you ask? It is a complex composed of 7 organic phytocompound ingredients that are naturally derived from 7 different flowers. This complex contains the same extracts that prevents flowers found in nature from color fadage. L'ANZA's concept, Healing is the foundation of beautiful hair, stems from the facts and knowledge that healthy hair is going to style better, hold/retain color longer, and overal be easier to work with. L'ANZA is the only haircare line on the market that is clinically proven to heal the hair, prevent damage, and prevent split ends; not to mention all of the chemical services last longer (up to 107% longer) which makes it easier on our guests mind and wallet.

     Well to start, with all of our nail services you receive the nail file(s), and any other items that can not be properly disinfected or are not state law allowed to be re-used on a guest. Our spa nail services are done with a more relaxing intent in mind. We use hot steam towels to avoid the headache and stress of worrying whether or not water, tubs, or pedicure thrones have been properly disinfected and to give you the feeling of ease that with our nail services you will not have to worry about taking any harmful guests home with you. The service consists of cuticle work, filing and shaping of the nails, and exfoliation scrub of the hands/feet, a treatment masque, hand/foot massage, and polish application and does take longer then our basic services.

     With our skin care services, all of our skin treatments you will receive a complete skin analysis and thorough consultation to customize the skin treatment to give you the exact results that you are looking for, learning what you may not see and may also need to treat, and to help you with your skin care goals and help you achieve the results that you need in a specific time frame. The services consist of a consultation narrowing down what your needs are. Precleanse/Cleansing of the skin, Skin Analysis, Exfoliation, Treatment Masque, Moisturization, and Sun Protection. 

     With our massage and bodywork services your will receive a thorough consultation and postural assessment to see why massage is right for you and what brings you in for a massage treatment. Following that you will receive the massage service customized to you to help you achieve your goals that may have any concern over aches, pain, range of motion, stress, healing, lymphatic drainage, etc. and get your body to where it needs to be. The service consists of the consultation to discuss what your needs are, and then the application of massage techniques to eliminate pain, stress, tension, etc. Closing with further recommendations of what your goals are and how you need to achieve them.

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